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Nurse Observation

I offer a unique service; observations during the Independent (Defense) Medical Exam. As a neutral medical entity, my reports provide an unbiased, medically-based summary of the physical examination, as well as any obvious omissions. I write these reports using layman's terms, and I provide an audio recording of the entire examination, per the California Code of Civil Procedures that govern these examinations. For other states, I refer to their CCP.

Expert Consultation Services

I have an extensive background in trauma and emergency medicine, allowing me to act as an expert within my specialty. Many law firms utilize experts for consultations in upcoming arbitrations, mediations, and potential trials. My expert opinions are unbiased, neutral, and fact-based following the national Standard of Care, allowing you to make the final judgment with certainty.

Expert Witness Testimony

If your case ends up going to trial, you may need an expert witness to testify on the stand. As an expert witness, my testimony is as a neutral medical entity, and I work for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. Have a confident and self-assured medical professional as your expert witness to bolster your case.

Chart Review, Summary, and Chronology

Clients often approach me with a general idea of what they want: to make the medical chart make sense. As an experienced expert consultant, I use my expertise backed by years of clinical practice to review the medical chart for merit, summarize based from facts from the medical case, detail a chronology, and develop root cause analyses of the client's medical chart(s) as needed.

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